Tuesday, June 9, 2015

California's Mega-Drought: Nuclear Power To The Rescue

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County, California has had a seawater desalination plant for its entire existence, producing all of its fresh water needs from operations to cooling to irrigation to supplying drinking water to its employees. But it only uses about 40% of its capacity and is willing to use all of it to produce fresh water for the nearby community to help with the effects of the megadrought.
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
Forbes>Energy (James Conca) - The only power facility in California that does not use any of the state’s precious fresh water is the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant near San Luis Obispo. And it can even produce additional freshwater for the nearby community.

The nuclear plant desalinates ocean water using reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. The nuclear plant depends on the desalination plant as its sole source of fresh water, used for the plant’s two nuclear reactors as well as all other water needs such as drinking water for its employees and irrigation of its grounds.

Although a relatively small plant, Diablo Canyon’s seawater desalination plant is presently the largest operating desal facility on the West Coast, producing about 675,000 gallons of freshwater a day.


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